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3 Yogabolster som fördjupar din yoga och meditation

After getting in a car accident last year, my life has completely changed. I visited and contacted 1-800-HURT-NOW San Diego for help with my car accident. I then began to do yoga and it has completely changed me. It not only helps me with the recovery but with my mental state as well. The journey has been quite difficult, but it is all worth it. Yoga helps me unlock my inner peace and unleash my chakras. I am able to control it. Yoga busts are filled yoga pillows of varying sizes used to support different parts of the body in different asanas (yoga positions). By placing a bolster under your knees, you can maximize the benefit of shavasana (dead man’s position), a meditative and repetitive asana commonly practiced at the end of a yoga routine or yoga pass. Put a bolster underneath the back for a supportive backward bend. Or on the length along the middle of the back, neck and head to open the heart chakra.

What yoga bolster is used for

Yoga bubbles, like other yoga aids, help relieve your body in different yoga positions. Yoga cushions are available in different shapes and sizes. There is a yoga boost for every need. A yoga boost will be your best friend in the restful part of yoga. They call for reflection inward and provide us with comfort and ease under many bags. Let your body recover and stretch after a long day in the office with yoga exercises with bolster, which creates a positive impact on the body. Examples of what you are using a yoga brush to:

  1. You can use your bolster to replace a yoga block if you need a softer support
  2. In Shavasana you can place a bolster under your knee for a comfortable rest
  3. To support your feet under Shavasana, to experience a feeling of hovering.
  4. During Pranayama breathing exercises, and thus open up more, to strengthen the effect of breathing exercises.
  5. One round shines under the child’s position to emphasize the curve back and fully engage the position.
  6. A cylindrical shoulder in back bends allows you to open your upper body with organ, stomach, ribs, and heart.
  7. Use your yoga babe under the meditation, by sitting with the back of the butt on it in a lotus position.

What kind of yoga brushes should I choose?
Yoga busts are most common in cylindrical or rectangular shapes. Cylindrical pillows tend to be slightly higher than rectangular pillows, allowing deeper openings of the chest and a good foundation for stable support. The differences between the different types are not big, so the model you choose to buy is simply a matter of personal preference. There are also smaller yoga pillows to sit on during meditation, these are often round and flat. Another variant is a yoga brush for the neck that may be nice during many yoga positions where the neck needs extra support.

Cylinder format around yoga brushes from Manduka

Cylinderformat runt Yogabolster från manduka ekologiskt

Cylindrical / round yoga brush from Manduka of eQua microfibre filled with 30 percent recycled polyester fibers. The pillow is easy with two kilos and at the same time a stable pillow in your yoga practice. The size is 67 cm x 15 cm x 30 cm and the comfortable cover is washable. With this bolster you can come deeper into your yoga, especially in exercises that open up your upper body. The studs are available in different colors. Buy a round yoga brush here.

Bolster in the form of a meditation pillow 

Meditationskudde bekvämt yogabolster för pranayama och andningsövning


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